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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

I am the 26% - My top Resi Systems Blogs of 2012

Posted on January 3, 2013 at 6:20 PM

Residential Systems sent out a series of e-mail blasts last week counting down their “first-ever Top 50 Countdown for the most-read web stories from 2012.”

As a regular Resi (that’s what us cool, insider people call it) contributor, I was pleased to have several -- and by "several" I mean 13 -- stories included in the Top 50 list.

But as an egomaniac, I was even MORE pleased to see that I garnered the most stories of any single writer on the list; 13 out of the 50 stories being from Sciacca, or an ego-stroking 26%! (I was brought back to normal--head-sized (which is to say already slightly inflated) reality by not grabbing the #1 spot... Blarg!)

I’m sure that some of you have missed some of these posts, so I thought I’d give you the bullet here so you can catch up on anything that you missed. Also, it only helps me during contract renegosh time if I can say, “Hey, (editor-in-chief) Jeremy! How about, you know, a little extra love for the hard-workin’ Sciacca over here!”

So please feel free to click on each and every story. In fact, do it a few times. Clickity-clickity-click. Go ahead and read them while you're at it

49. Stop Telling Me It's a Good Problem!

I grouse about being too busy at work – too many jobs and not enough employees – and tell you all of the reasons why being too busy is NOT a good problem to have!

42. iPad3: 19 Wishes, Wants and Predictions

This actually was #9 on my Top 12 Blogs of 2012 countdown with 491 views…it is my predictions and wish list for the new iPad3. Little did I know that months later there would be an iPad4 (possibly called the "new, even newer iPad"), or that just a bit after that, I would be the proud owner of an iPhone5. The Jobs moves in mysterious ways...

37. What's in a Name? And Who Are These Guys?

As any lay person to name some high-end audio/video companies and I’ll bet you a buck they say “Sony” and “Bose.” (And probably not in that order.) But the *real* high-end companies have names that you’ve likely never heard of. For instance, Runco is NOT the late night pocket fisherman company! And Kaleidescape is not a child’s toy producing a complex pattern of constantly changing colors and shapes!

33. Kaleidescape Owners Aren't So Different

A really interesting story – well, to be fair, I think ALL of my stories are “really interesting” – about the top content on Kaleidescape systems. What do the uber wealthy watch? What do they listen to? Do they talk about us when we leave the room? I answer two of these questions!

32. Installation Nightmares - 9 Professional Horror Stories

As a professional A/V installer, I often go behind and fix the shoddy work of others. I figured I wasn't alone here and that there must be lots of great stories of terrible work. So I reached out to several installers – somewhere between 8 and 10 – and asked them to share some of the worst work they ever had to work behind. Things like wiring crimped with pliers, components stacked on beer cans, and a wiring monstrosity that has to be seen to be believed…

31. Almost Famous: The Celebrity Install

Todd Anthony Puma is an installer in the  New York area that regularly works with a cadre of celebrity and athlete clientele. (You know, the kinds of people that own Black Cards.) Having never worked with the famous, I wondered what it is like to work with celebs. What is the process? How are they different? So I contacted Todd and he told me all about it.

25. The One Trick Pony vs The Trojan Horse

A not-so-sneaky, backdoor way to increase sales by introducing people to Control4’s automation solution. Why sell just a remote control when you can put an automation Trojan Horse in their home?

23. CES 2012 Day 1: Venetian Audio Exhibits

As we approach CES2013, here is a look back on some of the standout audio exhibitors from the Venetian last year.

19. Thanks, Best Buy! Couldn't Have Done it Without You!

We’ve all heard the story about stores losing business to Best Buy, but here is a delicious tale of turnabout is fair play as a customer calls me from inside of a Best Buy store asking for help! She was so fed up with the “help” she was getting trying to buy a TV that she…well, you’ll have to read the story.

13. The Next Way Apple Can Rule the World

I’m not gonna lie…I think this is the best story on the whole list. This is the next billion dollar idea for Apple, and the next product category they can dominate and pwn. And it’s NOT a TV. Or a Phone. Or a Tablet. Or any of that. When you see Apple release this product, I want you to remember that I told you about it first…

11. 17 Superlatives from CES

A list of the 17 most standout things to me at CES2012. Best Demo, Most Intense Demo, Best Swag, Best Celeb Appearance, Best Fantasy Tech, Best Real Tech, etc. They’re all hear. Even a random picture of a white Lambo Aventador.

7. Wal-Mart's Vudu Deal: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

I can’t sum up this blog better than I already did in my intro to this blog… “In general, I don’t want to hear about second gunmen or grassy knolls, or missiles into the Pentagon or bombs pre-loaded into the Trade Center buildings. I hate all of that nonsense. For most things, I subscribe to the Occam’s razor theory, being that when presented with multiple hypotheses, generally the simplest explanation is usually the right one. However the coincidence of Wal-Mart announcing TODAY a new “Exclusive Disc-to-Digital Service” seems just a tad TOO incredible for me to believe as mere coincidental or just serendipitous timing…”

2. Kaleidescape Verdict: It is So Ordered!

And grabbing the always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride #2 spot is my story on the California judge handing down a potentially crippling judgment against movie-server pioneer, Kaleidescape. This initially looked like it be the end for Kaleidescape – at least as we knew it then – but (according to Kaleidescape’s website) “on July 20, 2012, the California 6th District Court of Appeal granted Kaleidescape's petition for a writ of supersedeas. The writ stays the injunction that was issued by the Superior Court. As a result, Kaleidescape will be able to continue manufacturing and selling Kaleidescape Systems with their current features while the appeal is pending. The appeal process may take a year or more.” Since then, Kaleidescape has gone on to open an industry leading movie download store which you can read all about here.

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