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Turn Your Clients into Troubleshooters

Posted on November 27, 2013 at 12:50 AM

At some point, even the best-designed system will run into some kind of glitch. Maybe it will be from a power outage, maybe it will be due to a guest with button jab-itis, or maybe it will come from a Stuxnet virus attack. But no matter how it happens, when it happens, you’ll be getting a phone call – or email – from a client wanting to get things back on track.

And when that call comes, having a client that is willing to help out to can be like having an entry-level tech in the home that can not only save you a truck roll and them an invoice, but likely get the system back up-and-running in the fastest manner possible.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, then you know there are clients that fall into three basic categories: the total can-do, the will-do, and the can’t-do.

How can you best work with each of these client types to get the system back on track in the fastest manner possible?

The Total Can-Do

There’s not much you need to do to enable this person, in fact, if anything you might find you need to (politely) tell them to get back-into-their-box as they are so willing to jump in and work on stuff, sometimes it can be to their own detriment. This person will pre-emptively try to fix things; getting into setup menus, checking connections and settings, power cycling components, etc. But sometimes in their zeal to be pro-active in a fix, they will actually cause other problems. This guy will change network settings and try and find a copy of your programming software on the Net so he can constantly tinker with your programming, adjusting macro delays, and adding buttons and whatnot.  This person often calls with a list of “I’ve already tried…” or “the front panel says…” and is ready and willing to provide whatever information is needed to help. This person will gladly grab a flashlight, pull out his rack, and jump in and start diagnosing and do whatever you ask. In fact, you’ll often have to say, “OK, wait…hang on just a second. Please don’t press any buttons or change anything until I ask you to.” On the plus-side, this customer will do almost anything to avoid a truck roll and a service call. On the downside, because of this desire to avoid the truck roll, when they do call, it will likely be a lengthy troubleshooting session as they want you to exhaust every possibility.

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