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John Sciacca Writes...

Features, Reviews and a Blog by John Sciacca

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

Best Of: Volume 2 - Slightly Less Early Years

Posted on September 17, 2010 at 10:58 AM

These are the second batch of e-mail blasts to my members (I believe numbering a whopping 24 at the time!) sent on March 12 and 25.

Ever wondered if PR works? Yesterday, PR Buddha tweeted my post about hating 3D TV and *INSTANTLY* I received tons of hits. Like 800% more than my best day ever. And from all around the world (England, Germany, Canada).

Never doubt the power of good PR or especially that of PR Buddha! (Caster Comm in da house!)  [Caster Comm is still in da house, however, PR Buddha is no longer in the Caster house. She's on to being the Duchess of Sales at Rhode Island Home & Design Magazine.] So a BIG "Thank you," Buddha!

I even *kind of* take back some of what I said in this post: Do you FaceLink?

Following Seas,

John Sciacca

Lots of posts lately, including one on 3DTV for Dummies Top 10 Questions Answered that has been picked up by a fairly major tech site (thanks, DVICE!) and been viewed all over the world. Very cool!

And now my favorite quote of the week from a post/rant on someone that visited our store recently:

"My apples will be organically farmed, hand-picked at the height of freshness and polished to a gleaming shine, then lovingly cradled in an individual package and sold at Harry & Davids. His apples will have fallen off the tree into a nut-filled pile of elephant diarrhea and then been gnawed on by a monkey riddled with Ebola."

You can read the whole hilarious Tale of Two Clients here.

One of my most commented stories to date had very little to do with technology and a lot to do with pooping. (Yes, pooping.) Just goes to show what you people really get excited about.

We took a great trip for our 15 year anniversary and this is a post about finally getting to eat at Weaver D's Automatic for the People in Athens, Georgia. (The inspiration for the title of a terrific REM album.)

Reviewing new gear is mostly awesome. Except when it isn't. Some gear is at first appears like that beautiful image of the Russian model, then shows up with a chin beard.

I don't get the Kindle. It isn't a computer. It isn't a book. It is really Technology's Robin, the less desirable half of the super-duo.

This is a post that would have been perfect for Resi Systems, that is had I been writing at Resi Systems at the time. Instead, you get to enjoy. After completing a job, just how long do I owe people "free" service?

The Census is over now. However, it didn't take long for it to already be a giant waste of money. Your tax dollars hard at waste.

Dana asked me to "do her a little favor." When your woman asks you this, you can be assured that it will A) not be little and B) not involve getting naked.

The final season of 24 is over, and after the hot mess that was the last season, all I can say is, so long, Jack. This post -- 24: Spoiler Alert - You've gotten lame! -- describes that pain of when an old friend goes lame.


Hit 'em, Shy Ronnie!


John Sciacca

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