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Random Thoughts (Blog)

Random Thoughts (Blog)

"Hide your kids, hide your wife..."

Posted on January 12, 2011 at 5:45 PM

One of the real benefits of living in a home with no cable TV -- like my sister-in-law, Keely and her husband Miah -- is that you have a lot of extra time for other things. Sure these could be things like gathering together around the fire, roasting chestnuts and telling stories of pioneer times, or reading all those free books available on Kindle, or pausing to reflect on life's deeper mysteries and searching for personal discovery, or journaling, or making every night family game night, or crafting perfect scale, dead-mouse dioramas, etc. The possibilities are really endless.


Or, you can use your computer to find TV shows on the Internet and scour the YouTubes for the latest bit of viral awesomeness.


I often feel like I'm the last one to discover things. People of Wal-Mart? Yeah, I thought that was the hilarious. And apparently it was; like several years ago. Stuff White People Like? Brilliant? Sure. New? No. Get with the times, John. I finally felt like I was ahead of the curve with Catalog Living -- Molly Erdman and her wicked-clever one-liners to bizarre catalog lifestyle photos -- but you fickle bunch of mush-heads didn't seem to care. Look, there is all kinds of humor out there that doesn't involve projectiles to crotches! Widen your horizons, people!


So we started talking about the YouTubes and I shared with them the terrfic SNL skit "I didn't ask for this" and then "Best Cry Ever!" and, of course, Autotuned remix of even more bestest cry ever.


So after discussing our mutual love of all things autotune -- T Pain, Akon, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Lil' Wayne, etc. -- Keely started asking me what I thought of Antoine Dodson. Now, since he is a YouTube sensation it was of absolutely no surprise to me that I'd never heard of Antoine Dodson. However, it was shocking to Keely that I was missing out on this bit of Inernet awesome. Plus, because the actual incident happened in Alabama, he is a bit of a local celebrity. So she first had me watch the actual, real newscast that was broadcast from the event. You'll immediately recognize the Antoine parts...


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


So, much like "Best Cry Ever" becomes even bestest-er through some judicious use of Autotune, the same can be said for Antoine. Even though I was late -- WAY late, like I think I was the 65 millionth person to watch -- to the Antoine party, I am fully here now and partying hearty. I have watched it like a half-dozen times and find myself singing "Hide your kids, hide your wife..." when there are quiet times in my head brain. Though, I must admist, I think that my favorite part is that they Autotuned the newscaster into the song. Brilliant! Enjoy it again. For the first time!


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.


Turns out that this video got SO huge, and the song sold SO many copies on iTunes that Antoine his been able to move himself and his mama out the projects. I believe that he has left his sister behind, hoping to inspire some inspriation for a follow-up hit... Thumbs up for justice!

Categories: January 2011, Bizarre

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Reply T~Law
1:05 AM on January 13, 2011 
this guy looks like a black J.B.
Reply Keely
11:32 AM on January 20, 2011 
Thank you, John, for again trying to paint us as backwoods hillbillys and/or internet trash junkies. This is how you repay me for introducing you to the absolute best of the autotuned world? Remember the distinction you pointed out between family & friends in relationships? Yep. Enough said.
But for the record - we chose not to have cable 5 yrs ago and we DO have family game night, we do crafts together and we all read a TON of literature (from real, words-on-paper books, I might add). Yet, we are somehow able to remain current with pop culture...unlike some tech snobs who lag behind the status quo.
In the future, I will remember that your invitation to our house means that we are also extending that invitation to the WWW. You just remember that it may subsequently be rescinded.
Reply Dana
5:24 PM on January 20, 2011 
Keels -- Lauryn and I are still welcome? Right? Right?