USS Harry Truman USS Harry Truman Getting ready to board the C2A Greyhound for our flight out to the Truman 71311980 With photographer, Jim Raycroft. The flight was about 2 hours, sitting backwards in a windowless transport. Several around us vomited. Not cool. 71311981 Getting off the plane on the deck of the Truman. 71311982 71311983 Interviewing the "Fun Boss." She's in charge of morale and recreation aboard the boat. 71311984 So sweet! F18 Hornet on afterburner. 71311985 A jet coming in for an arrested landing. 71311986 A helo stays aloft the entire time plans are in the air in case a pilot needs to be recovered. 71311987 In the Truman's library. 71311988 These giant, multi-ton blast/flood door slam shut surprisingly quick. 71311989 The hanger bay. This was a giant Chemical-Biological-Radialogical preparedness exercise. 71311990 The combat information center. 71311991 Watching flight op's. This was our hose, Dale. 71311992 The flight deck. 71311993 Me with the captain of the Truman. 71311994 Standing on the flight deck. This was an amazing experience, standing literally feet away from the jets as they were catapulted off. 71311995 A jet readies for take-off. 71311996 On the flight deck looking up at the bridge. 71311997