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John Sciacca Writes...

Features, Reviews and a Blog by John Sciacca

Photo Gallery

Lucas Ranch / ILM Lucas Ranch / ILM Me and Yoda Outside the entrance to ILM's facilities in the Presidio. 71342395 Me and Yoda 2 Outside the entrance to ILM's facilities in the Presidio. 71342396 Yoda Fountain Yoda welcomes visitors to ILM. 71342398 ILM Lobby Tons of cool props from Star Wars films are in the lobby. 71367606 Me and Darth Standing next to a life-sized Vader. 71342397 Boba Everyone's favorite bounty hunter. 71367607 Inside ILM's Premier Theater Inside ILM is a 298 seat theater with a 50-foot screen features a Chrstie D-Cinema projector. It was used for game testing. 71342399 Play testing One of the room's where the game is rigorously play tested. 71342401 Work station 71342406 Mix console 71342402 Me with David Collins Dave did the sound mixing and voiced the character PROXY: ?Home theater will be the thing that takes gaming to the next level.? 71342400 Interviewing Gathering info for my story. 71342403 Interviewing 2 More talking. More writing. 71342404 Battle Vader Some really cool artwork lined the halls at ILM. 71367608 Vader Attacks More artwork. 71367609 The Ranch Lucas Ranch in the fog. 71342409 NASA Saber A plaque and lightsaber. 71367610 Scoring stage The game's original score was recorded at The Ranch. 71342408 Indiana relics Souvenirs from the Indy movies. 71367611 AT-AT walker Souvenirs from Star Wars. 71367612 Skywaker Sound The famous Mix-A room. 71342407 Mix Board A truly *sick* mixing console. 71342394 Sound Design The guy in the yellow shirt, Mark Griskey, created the score for the game. 71342405