Aston Martin DBS Aston Martin DBS This is probably my favorite picture of me. Wearing a $6000 Brioni tuxedo and standing next to a $272,000 car, this is the me I was meant to be! 71337395 An Aston Martin DBS should *not* be driven in the snow. 71337396 This car just looks amazing from any angle. 71337397 The snow on the front right of the fender *might* have been from a minor snowbank incident. Might... 71337398 Does your speedo go this high? 71337399 My friend Dan took this photo at the end of the day. 71337400 71337401 71337402 The photographer said, "Just look casual. You're out, in the snow, driving around in your Aston in a tux." 71337403 Here I'm thinking, "Don't hit the bridge. Don't hit the bridge." 71337404 Reviewing the Bang & Olufsen sound system was the entire reason why I got the car. 71337405