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Many of you have wondered, "John, you have so impacted my life and well-being! How can I possibly get in touch with you to share my gratitude and well wishes? Without, you know, seeming all weird and stalkerish and stuff."

Here. This is that place.

By a simple three-part method of clicking, selecting and typing, you are now just scant milli-seconds and one singular degree of separation away from me. I know; it's powerful awesome stuff, so plese resist the urge to abuse it in some unforeseen manner.

Include your name and e-mail address in the little form thingy are required so that I can actually get in touch with you -- or know to avoid you at any future tradeshows or whatever.

Also if you know of a product -- or HAVE a product -- that you think I should know about or would be interested in reviewing or whatever, here's the place to tell me.

Oh, and even though there is an option for "complaining," I really pretty-much don't want to hear any complaints. Just sayin'....

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